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There’s no denying that WordPress is a great blogging solution; it’s free, easily extensible, and has great community support.  But creating your own themes from scratch can be time-consuming and repetitive.  There’s no need to re-invent the wheel, unless it can’t serve the desired purpose.

Recently I have had a lot of requests involving custom WordPress themes so I began looking for a good starting point on which to build themes.  I was searching for something very clean and basic with a consistent layout on all the major browsers.  This is how I came across the Thematic Framework by ThemeShaper.

I have been using this WordPress Theme Framework for the past two months and so far I have been very impressed with the low learning curve and incredible power that can be leveraged with it.  Thematic is built on the 960 grid system, which is an appealing feature to me as I am quite familiar with it and recently discussed it in this article.  The framework is designed to easily let a person switch between 2 and 3 column layouts in several different arrangements.  It also provides a system of extending one’s templates by way of theme hooks.  The individual just needs to put his custom javascript includes, html snippets, or PHP code inside of the functions.php file and hook it into any of the pre-defined sections.  The last major component of the Thematic Framework is the widget areas.  There are sections built into the templates where widgets can be inserted, and these can be managed directly from the WordPress back-end.  It doesn’t get much simpler!

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