Apples to Peaches

I’ve been down in Atlanta for over a month and a half now.  The warm weather is really nice and being so close to my fiancée is a wonderful change.  I’m almost completely done with all the change-of-address paperwork, which I’m really excited about.

Atlanta has a very active web design and development community; something that you don’t really see in upstate New York!  At the end of January I went to see a presentation by James Beaird and to network.  I took a few resumés along with me and the next day I had an interview and a job!  I’ve been working as a web developer up in Sandy Springs ever since.  It has been a really exciting and encouraging job so far, I’m constantly getting to learn new things and everybody is very appreciative of the work I do.

Some of the cool things I’ve been able to do include:  building an online community with Invision Power Board, spicing up my CSS with Rosemary, developing some pretty cool flash interactions (they should be live soon), building a few sites with HTML5 and CSS3, and reading some books on the Zend Framework and jQuery.  I’ve been keeping plenty busy, but I hope to make more regular updates and publish a few Rosemary filters soon.

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