Laravel 4 Base Controller for AngularJS

I’ve recently been doing a lot of work with Laravel 4 and AngularJS and it’s been a great experience so far. The resourceful controllers provided by Laravel integrate really nicely with the HTTP “services” available in AngularJS.

Laravel 4 has a ton of new stuff and among it all I’ve noticed how useful the Input::only() (Laravel Requests Class) function is inside of my controllers. It allows you to grab only a portion of the request data that reaches the controller and is a clean elegant way to pass data along for processing.

When I first started using AngularJS I quickly realized that all of the requests to my existing controllers were sending JSON payloads that were treated a little bit differently than the standard HTTP request data. After some digging around in the Illuminate\HTTP\Request class I found that it was rather trivial to enable the same helper methods for JSON request data.

Below is the code I used in my BaseController and then a sample of an “actual” controller where the parent constructor is invoked.


Nice, clean and simple; writing code with Laravel truly is a pleasure!

If you’re interested in trying out Laravel 4 I have a quick and easy vagrant setup available on GitHub.

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