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Constant Headaches Cured with MailChimp

There’s no doubt about it, Constant Contact is a huge player in e-mail marketing. ¬†They have been around since 1998 and are practically a genericized¬†trademark for e-mail marketing campaigns.

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Quick and Powerful WordPress Themes

There’s no denying that Wordpress is a great blogging solution, it’s free, easily extensible and has great community support. But creating your own themes from scratch can be time consuming and repetitive. There’s no need to re-invent the wheel, unless the wheel can’t serve the desired purpose.

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Developing on a Grid

Several months ago I stumbled across the 960 grid system and I became very intrigued. The package of Cascading Style Sheet files promises to enable rapid development of websites while providing an easy to use grid structure.

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Getting a Date with PHP & MySQL

Recently I was working on an event management project in PHP & MySQL which made me realize that there must be a good solution for interacting with dates and times. Not just using PHP’s date format and storing it as character data in MySQL, and not having to parse out MySQL’s DATETIME format in PHP. Both PHP and MySQL have built-in functions for dealing with dates, it seems silly to have to give up one set of functionality for the other.

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